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Welcome to Ever-power. You can buy all mixer accessories in one stop, such as planetary gearbox, PTO shaft, jack, bearing, mixer cutter, reel assembly, Bushing Kit, roller , oil bath parts, scale, etc.

Our products can perfectly replace these brands: Bondioli, Botec, Cattlelac, Comer, Digi-Star scales, Farmaid, Gehl, Harsh, Henke, Jaylor, Kirby, Kuhn Knight, Lucknow, Monomixer, NDE, Oswalt, Patz, Penta, Roto Mix, Schuler, Schwartz, Supreme, Teagle, Turbo Max, Walterscheid, Weasler, Weigh-Tronix scales and parts that will fit many more brands.

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 Feed Mixer Parts

Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep 1.gearbox 1

Planetary gearbox for feed mixer

Couples the Driveshaft to the Vertical Auger.

Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep 2.pto shaft 1

PTO Shaft

Couples between the tractor power take-off and the driveshaft.

Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep 3.knife 1

Auger Knives

Cuts the feed material as the auger rotates.

Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep 4.jack 1

Trailer Jack

also known as hitch jack or tongue jacks. Raises and lowers the height of the trailer tongue and coupler.

Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep 5.chain 1

Conveyor sprocket & chain

Various sprockets and chains are used not only in the feeding system but also in various drive systems of the mixer.

Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep FEED MIXER 1 2
Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep 6.bearing 1

Driveline Bearing

Pedestal bearing is also called Plummer block or pillow block. It supports a rotating shaft with the help of compatible bearing & various accessories. 


Load System of Self-Propelled TMR Mixers


Self Propelled TMR Mixers, also known as self-propelled fully mixed feed mixers, are advanced feed processing equipment used in animal husbandry. This machine integrates functions of walking, loading, mixing, and feeding feed, and is mainly used in the feed processing process of dairy farms or large pastures.

Structure of self-propelled TMR mixer:

1. land wheel; 2. Roller Drum; 3. cutter; 4. conveyor; 5. lifting hydraulic cylinder; 6. discharging hydraulic cylinder; 7. moving blade; 8. auger; 9. bin; 10. diesel engine unit; 11. discharging device; 12. road wheels; 13. cab.

DRUM for tmr mixer

Load Drum / Roller

This large intake hopper collects various feed ingredients and facilitates their seamless transfer into the mixer using a conveyor or auger. It enables farmers to efficiently add multiple components for even blending, enhancing the precision and speed of ration preparation tasks.

 Hydraulic System

Cattle feed mixers can be self-propelled, traction or fixed, or vertical or horizontal mixers can be installed. Our current portfolio can support any of these configurations. The machine is designed for daily cattle feeding, i.e. intensive use. The grinding head collects the feed and pushes it through the barren arm into the conveyor to the vertical mixer, where the original feed is mixed with the nutritional supplements of the cattle. At the end of the machine, the distribution system distributes the final mixed feed evenly to the cattle storage cells.

The driving device series of cattle feed mixers is a modular device, which has been improved to meet the operational requirements of the agricultural industry for cattle feed mixers. The mixer driver combines the advantages of traditional planetary technology – compact and efficient – with strength and reliability. Hydrostatic transmission of these machines can be achieved through our rigid or steering shafts plus hydraulic motors or wheel drive

Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep 0 Hydraulic feed mixer 1
Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep 0 Hydraulic pump 1

Hydraulic Axial Piston Pumps

Displacement up to 226 cc
Medium- and high-pressure options
Fixed and variable displacement available
Open or closed loop circuit
ATEX certification
Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep Axial Piston Motors 1 2

Hydraulic Axial Piston Motors

Fixed and variable displacement
Displacement up to 216 cc/rev
Seven or nine piston options technologies
Wide range of control valves

Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep 0BM4 Hydraulic motor 1

Hydraulic Cycloid Orbital Motors

Support 13 to 500 cc displacement
Fixed and variable displacement
Roller and gearmotor type available
Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep 0 gear pump 1

Gear Pumps

High efficiencies in compact construction
High reliability
Longer life in agricultural and mobile applications
Low noise level

 Drawbar Attachment

Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep 4.Drawbar Attachment 1

The machine is designed with a clevis-type hitch. See Figure 14 for guidelines on the proper of the mixer to the tractor:

  1. Hitch Pin – Ensure the hitch pin passes entirely through the clevis and drawbar with enough clearance to secure the R-pin.
  2. Clevis
  3. Drawbar – Ensure the drawbar sits inside the clevis.
  4. R-Pin – The pin should be appropriately sized, so there is no chance of it slipping out of the hitch pin through-hole during mixer transport.
  5. PTO Shaft – Always ensure enough clearance for the shaft to operate without interfering with the hitch or mixer frame.
Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep 4.Hitch Pin

Hitch Pin

Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep 4.Clevis 1


Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep 4.Drawbar 1


Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep 4.R Pin


Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep 4.pto shaft

PTO Shaft

 Chain Coupler Assembly

Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep chain coupler assembly

All discharge conveyors are equipped with a chain coupling drive assembly, which connects the output shaft of the hydraulic motor to the drive shaft assembly on the conveyor. Regularly check the condition of Chain Couplings and components. Apply a thin layer of grease on the chain connector assembly to prevent rust and other contaminants from deteriorating.

Feed Mixer Parts for TMR Cattle Feed ep chain guide wear block 1

Chain Guide Weak Block

 Top Feed Mixer Brands

Feeding has always been an important part of dairy production. Therefore, optimizing feed management is a wise investment, because the feed will not reach its designed balanced formula unless it is properly mixed. The right mix of feed can help improve productivity and health while reducing environmental impact.

There are two main types of dry mixers – vertical mixers and horizontal mixers.

  • The vertical mixer consists of one or more vertical screws, which lift the ingredients to the top of the mixer, where the ingredients drop to the bottom under the action of gravity for mixing and re-lifting.
    The horizontal mixer consists of a series of blades or metal strip blades, which are installed on the horizontal rotor in the semicircular groove. The blade moves the material from one end of the mixer to the other, causing it to tumble during the movement.
  • Vertical mixers are not suitable for mixing wet ingredients. Horizontal mixers are more suitable, but due to their complex structure, they are usually difficult to clean correctly. (Source: feed machinery)

We can provide accessories for the following feed mixer models

Supreme International
  • Pull-type Mixers parts
  • Truck Mount Mixer parts
  • Stationary Mixers parts
  • Self-propelled Mixers part
    S Series Single Auger
    U Series Dual Auger
    FS Series Single Auger
    FS Series Dual & Triple Auger
    H Series  3 Auger
  • Trailed TMR Mixers: Single Auger(),  Twin Auger,  Triple Auger,  Four-Auger,  Reel Mixers
  • Stationary TMR Mixers: Single Auger,  Twin Auger,  Triple Auger,  Four-Auger,  Reel Mixers
  • Self-Propelled TMR Mixers
  • Silage Feeders
  • Silage Cutters
    • Feed Mixer: solomix 1 feed mixers, solomix 2feed mixers, solomix 3 feed mixers, solomix P feed mixers with strawblower,
    • Self-loading Feed Mixer: Triomix(S) 1 self-loading diet feeder, triomix(S) 2 self loading feed mixer, Gigant self-loading mixer wagon, Vertifeed self-loading mixer feeder
    • Self-propelled Feed Mixers: Triotrac M self-propelled feed mixer, triotrac self-propelled feed mixer, Truckmount feed mixing tub mounted on truck
    • Stationary feed mixer for silage
    • Stationary feed mixer for  biogas
    Anderson Group
    • Single Screw Mixers: A280ST, S380ST, S280ST, S450ST, A380FD, A380ST, A450ST
    • Double Screw Mixers: S520st, A520FD, A520ST, A700ST, A700FD, A920FD, A920ST
    • Triple Screw Mixers: A950FD, A1230FD
    • DeLaval vertical mixer VM
    • DeLaval mixer wagon MW
    Pellon Group
    • Feed mixers
      Pellon CutMix and TMR
    RMH Lachish Industries
    • Self-propelled Feed Mixer:Premium(115-160 Cows/cycle), Turbomix 20-30(170-230 Cows/cycle),  Vulan14-20(110-160 Cows/cycle),  VSL(110-140 Cows/cycle), Megamix18-23(140-170 Cows/cycle), Lberty 11-14
    • Vertical Trailer: BS30, Magnum 26-32 m3, Titanium, Trio 32-45, Mixell 16-30, Mixell 8L-16, Mixell 8
    • Stationary Mixer: SW45, SM twin auger, SM single auger
    Schuler Manufacturing
    • Vertical TMR Mixers: MINI TMR Mixers, Single Auger TMR Mixers, Twin Auger TMR Mixers, Heavy Duty TMR Mixers, Track Mount TMR Mixers, Stationary TMR Mixers
    • Horizontal Quad- TMR Mixers: H1650 Auger Mixer, H1850 Auger Mixer, H1950 Auger Mixer